Friday, 8 July 2011

International Calls from TDC

I've said it before and I will say it again: what would be an absolute blessing is if TDC would allow international calls to be made so that those of us living outside of the U.S. could speak with our loved ones on a regular basis. It seems that all the BS TDC spouts off about how it is so important for inmates to remain in contact with their families through visits and phone calls only applies to those that have family in the U.S. TDC says phone calls are a privilege not a right. Yes, they are and in order be given that privilege an offender must be on their unit of assignment for 90 days, not have any disciplinary violations within the last 90 days, be engaged in full-time work, school or treatment and have the person being called listed on their approved visitor list. My husband has been on his unit for more than 90 days. He works fulltime loading and unloading heavy boxes even with a herniated disk in his neck. He has never been written up not even for a minor case and I am on his visitor's list but because his only family lives in Canada, he is being denied the very privilege TDC insists is so important. Does my husband deserve not to speak to his family? You bet your a** he doesn't. I am p***ed? You bet you’re a** I am. I pay for the calls so what is the difference to TDC if he calls Texas, Idaho, outer Slobovia or Canada. It's on my dime.